The Interesting Conferences

There are tapes of all the Interesting 2008 speakers somewhere. The Guardian kindly sponsored us and stuck some of the films up on their website - and paid for the recorders!. The rest of the films are somewhere. I should really dig them out, but I'm increasingly convinced that the memories are better than the films.

Not everything should be on the internet. The Recorder Incident should be though, so here it is.

The films on The Guardian site are linked below, though you have to watch an ad first. I suspect they were a little disappointed with Interesting's monetisation potential.

James Wallis - 'a geophysical survey of World of Warcraft'

Gemma Teed - 'why horses are scared of crisp packets'

Roo Reynolds - 'Lego's untapped potential'

Jim Le Fevre - 'the zoetrope turntable'.

As per usual, Roo did a summary of all the talks and links. And here's the tag on m'blog.