The Interesting Conferences

2011 was smaller. I think we limited it to 200 tickets and raised the price a bit - so we could pay the money to contributors to do special activities. I had more fun than any other year, because I passed all the responsibility to others. Leila organised Hack Circus, Alby had us all construct a chain reaction with ping pong balls and mousetraps, Chris did molecular gastronomy to us and Stu and crew had us designing buildings for an architecture competition. And there were all sorts of brilliant activities around the edges. Just writing this makes me want to do it again. Maybe.

The rough plan. Starting to cohere. Roo's round-up.

Interesting 2011 - 44
Interesting 2011 - 77
Interesting 2011 - 63
Book binding
Plenty of play
Miracle Fruit
Interesting 2011 - 60
Stuxnet Industries

No-one to blame